Are You Confused about the Media Set up in Your New Home?

Our media options have increased dramatically in recent years. We can now have home cinema rooms powered by media servers that can stream movies and music from the web. We have access to pay TV like Foxteland also streaming services through our broadband internet connections. So, what happens to all of these cables and media services when we have to move to a new home?

Ensuring That Your Internet and Media Are Connected

Moving homes can be a real pain at the best of times. It can be an exhausting experience that leaves people with very little patience for seemingly complex media and computer set-ups. All of those network cables, Foxtel boxes, and broadband routers can be confusing for lots of people! But it doesn’t need to be like this. The good news is that there are all-in-one services who can connect Foxtel, broadband internet, and other media services quickly and conveniently.

So, you’ve moved homes and your media bits and pieces are all boxed up. You have probably had each service installed by a different technician each and every time, making it as easy to understand as a jigsaw puzzle! Who needs this kind of stress?

Using a Specialist Installer

All-in-one media and internet connection services are not only qualified Foxtel installers, they can also deal with other home media. These kinds of services typically offer the following:

  • Internet: Having routers, network cables, and so on can be quite daunting for someone who isn’t very tech savvy. Moving to a new home can present significant obstacles to installation, especially if Wi-Fi placement isn’t optimised for good signals to mobile devices. A specialist installation service can handle all of this and even boost the Wi-Fi signal through the use and placement of special extender units.
  • NBN: The National Broadband Network is now an integral part of many homesand serves as the gateway to a much bigger media rich world. When NBN access is available at a new home, connecting to it is not always intuitive. This is where a specialist service can assist,
  • Home cinema: Surround sound, HD TVs, and media streaming services are becoming really popular, but setting them all up again in a new home can be really frustrating for someone who doesn’t have the time or technical know-how. Ensuring that a home cinema is set up properly and connected to where it should be is the domain of specialist installation services.
  • Foxtel: Pay TV has been with us for some time now, but as it expands, its services offer more features, and people are very keen to move their existing boxes with them to a new home so they don’t lose any recorded TV shows or movies. Setting it up is not always easy though, which is where a specialist service comes in.

Moving homes is tiring enough without having to worry about connecting up all of your tech gear. Why not call up a specialist all-in-one installation service and have them do it instead?


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