Create a Luxurious Outdoor Space


Depending on the area of the country where you live, a fabulous outdoor living space can be used at least two or three seasons of each year. It can provide that natural environment that your senses crave where you can relax and unwind. However, a great outdoor space requires much more than a few pots of flowers. A truly luxurious experience requires something that catches the eye and that is a bit out of the ordinary, such as the following ideas.


Add a Deck or Patio


Your first job is to create an actual outdoor living space out of the yard or gardens that you already have. This is the time to lay a patio or create a deck. If you are lucky enough to start one from scratch, think big and elegant. For example, instead of pouring a concrete patio, build one out of stone pavers. Instead of building a plain wooden deck, create a unique one with wooden tiles, or use a floating deck system to create the illusion of height.


Add an Outdoor Kitchen


An outdoor kitchen can be as limited or as grandiose as you wish it to be. This space will allow you to prepare food and cook right where your guests will be. The most basic kitchen will have a grill with a counter space. However, a more elaborate and far more luxurious option for covered spaces would be to build a custom-designed, built-in kitchen with bricks or stones and to include a sink and refrigerator.


Use Luxe Seating


Your outdoor space should be anchored with comfortable seating options to encourage family and friends to gather outdoors. Use wicker or wooden seats with plush weatherproof cushions. Hang hammocks between trees, or place soft reclining chairs or rockers around a pool.


Create a Covered Space


To give yourself the option of using your outdoor space more often, consider covering it. An entirely roofed space will allow you to be outside even when it is raining. This is the most luxurious option, and you could even install screened walls, an outdoor fireplace or a television. A less expensive variation would be a retractable awning or even a pergola covered with climbing vines.


Make a Gathering Point


Be sure to create a focal point for your outdoor space where guests will be inclined to stop. This could be the kitchen, the fireplace or the television, but if your space does not include any of these amenities, you may want to consider building a permanent fire pit.


Add Water


There is something about water that draws the senses in and makes a space more welcoming. A simple fountain nestled within your garden can make your backyard that much more interesting and can attract beautiful birds. More grandiose options could be a small pond with a fountain or a small garden waterfall.


Just because your outdoor space looks luxurious does not mean that it has to be expensive. You can work on many of these ideas yourself on one or two weekends. Others require a bit of help from a professional. However, all of them can improve your home’s overall appearance, create a relaxing space for you to spend time in and give you another great area where you can host your guests.


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