How DKI Can Provide Water Restoration for Healthcare Businesses


Extensive water damage can cause serious concerns for businesses. When that business is a healthcare facility, the concern about the damage is even more grave. DKI can provide exceptional water restoration for healthcare facilities that need immediate solutions. A special healthcare emergency team is always available 24 hours a day every day of the year. These experts will promise to arrive on the water damage scene within two hours of receiving that emergency call. They are prepared to quickly assess the entire property, and they will develop an effective and personalized plan of action to lessen the impact.


Water damage can occur for a myriad of different reasons. Powerful storms can drop heavy rain onto an area in a short period of time. This could be from a hurricane or just a strong line of thunderstorms. Flooding may get inside nearby structures causing various situations. High winds from these storms or tornadoes can damage buildings including vulnerable roofs and windows. Rain can then enter causing broken pieces of drywall or other construction material to fall onto individuals inside the structure. This is a recipe for disaster and widespread panic if it occurs in a healthcare facility.


Another water cause can be due to broken water mains or building plumbing pipes. Even cracks can allow water to enter. These damages may not be readily evident if the leaking pipe is located behind walls or in inaccessible areas. Sewer lines can also cause massive damage that also contains a risk of contamination from dirty water. Hot water tanks can burst without warning. This can flood the surrounding area with lots of water. If not stopped quickly, the water will spread past the immediate area. Sodden floors can begin to break causing even more structural damage.


Hospitals and other healthcare facilities typically have a high number of bathrooms for patient and staff use. When a toilet overflows, or a massive plumbing problem occurs, water may back up into other toilets and sinks. Not having clean water access in any healthcare facility is a dangerous situation that needs immediate attention. DKI can get in and determine the damage. The team will assess how the water damage occurred. They will resolve the original causative problem. Then, these hard working experts will begin the clean up process. Using special vacuums and other heavy duty equipment, water will be taken away. The team will initiate an appropriate for the site drying out method.


DKI employees will provide restoration treatments and techniques to restore as much of the damaged materials as possible. These highly skilled professionals are all trained to reduce risks of contaminating vulnerable patients with dirty water. A soundly built barrier will be set up to prevent this from ever occurring. This wall is made to be airtight sealed for maximum effectiveness in preventing cross contamination. These and other important health measures will ensure everyone’s safety. DKI will try to limit any inconvenience so that regular facility operations can continue as before.


DKI deals with many sorts of water damage. They are especially trained for healthcare water disasters and damage. These professionals will try to determine any preventable causes of the water damage. They can fix many water damage related things. Healthcare facilities can rely on DKI.


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