Three Fabric Choices for Outdoor Awnings

There are many reasons to purchase awnings for your home. They can provide many benefits, including making your home more energy efficient in the summer by keeping the sunlight from streaming into your house through the windows. Awnings are available in several fabrics, such as the ones below.


The classic fabric for awnings is canvas, which has been used for over 50 years. Canvas is a cotton fabric that traditionally comes in stripes with an underside that’s been dyed green. Their shade is good for reducing the heat in the summer and they provide sun protection for those relaxing under the awning. Today, canvas awnings come in a wide variety of colours and patterns.


The mesh used for awnings is made from PVC, which doesn’t rot as canvas can after years of exposure to the weather. However, it only provides 80% to 85% of the sun protection of canvas. Mesh awnings can be a good choice when you need to be able to see what is happening outside, such as around your pool, because they are transparent.


The lightest fabric that can be used for outdoor awnings is acrylic but it is not transparent as mesh is. While acrylic by itself can allow the sun to pass through the material, most companies coat it so it does a better job of blocking the sunlight and providing UVA and UVB protection to those sitting or lying under it.

Awning Operations

Most awnings are designed as either folding arm awnings or as desert drop down awnings. Folding arm awnings can either be manually operated with a crank to extract them from their cassettes or they can be motorised so they operate at the touch of a button inside your home or from a remote. If you install awnings over windows, they may be stationary but most people like them to be motorised to make it easier to extract and retract them.

Desert drop down awnings are often installed over openings on a balcony to provide shade to the sitting area and windows. However, you can also install them over windows so that they drop down to cover them when the sun is shining. They can cover the entire window as a shade does or be propped up at the bottom by arms. They are motor-operated by the touch of a button from inside your home.

The shade from awnings covering your windows can help maintain a consistent temperature inside your home and prevent the air conditioner from running all day. It can help reduce your energy bills, which will allow the awnings to pay for themselves in just a few seasons. With the choice of several colours and styles, awnings can also enhance the look of your home.


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